Avant Femmes
Avant Femmes
Chandra Nicole

Welcome to Avant Femmes

A collaborative community of creative, leading-edge female entrepreneurs

Who are we?

We are an intimate group of artists, mentors, writers, composers, and thinkers forging new entrepreneurial paradigms through art, beauty & camaraderie

What is an Avant Femme?

An Avant Femme is a woman on the leading edge of creation. She's daring to dream beyond the confines of her conditioning. 

She's paving her own path. 
She's honoring the desires of her wild heart. 
She's doing things on her own terms, in her own way. 

She's an artist who boldly creates what she sees in her mind's eye and loyally takes directives from within.

In this sense, she's radical and unorthodox with respect to the status quo... 
some might even say she's gone rogue.

She's progressive and proactive...

 yet, she's not looking back at what was or pushing against what is - 

but instead, 
is turned squarely towards what she knows shall be. 

She's the next, more potent, evolution of the rebel.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to encourage one another to breathe life into our wild heart desires, bring to fruition our inspired ideas, and flourish in all ways

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